Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - bad game

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a remake of the classic turn-based strategy game with the same name that has appeared over 15 years ago. Although the story follows the same line with the original game, a fundamental change in the game play has been made: the transition from turn based strategy in real time, with the possibility to use break to prepare the next movement of forces.

For each mission you will be required to hire a maximum of six soldiers and they can be selected from a wider range: sniper, marina, white weapons specialist, doctor and so on. They grow in level and gain points that can be used to improve their attributes. Unfortunately, you will have no help from the aggressive and unlimited AI.

Also concerning the bad parts are added and removed elements from the original game - the optional SF module. Plus, police teams are no longer moving in other regions and their involvements has no spark of amusement.

The interface also suffers greatly, it is crowded with all sorts of buttons that are totally uninspired and the tracking soldiers indicators (such as noise) are pretty hard to interpret, so they are pretty useless. The enemies behind objects are difficult to target due to camera angles and bugs often manifest as mercenaries that don't shoot even though they have a free path.

Neither in terms of graphics there are not much to say, the engine is far behind 2012, they year when the game has been released. The portraits are a little foggy, they have no drop of luster and the voices are annoying in repetitive lines and in most occasions you will not have any sense of regret if you lose a soldier.

Overall, only diehard fans of the series will likely have the motivation to resist through 40 hours of game play. The saddest thing about this game is the fact that the fight is not necessarily with the enemies, is mostly with the unbalanced AI, the clumsy interface and the annoying lines. I don't honestly recommend this game from many points of view.